Still teaching.....

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Its not often that you get the opportunity to collaborate with a high school teacher and mentor later in life but that is just the opportunity that has presented itself.

As a 14 year old I joined an elective commerce class and it was there that I first met Mrs Stein (Sue). Sue introduced the class to business and entrepreneurship, later ran the Young Achievement program and became my accounting teacher in year 11 and 12 laying the foundations to much of what I use in my working career. It was no suprise when I heard she was retiring from teaching to set up her own bed and breakfast 15 years ago and I even contacted her early on to wish her well.

Sue has won a host of awards and 15 years later when starting my own venture who better to reach out to and get some tips.

So for all our overseas guests needing to stay in Perth, why not take the opportunity to spend a few days by the beach and take in some of Sue’s award winning hospitality. If you are planning on booking a stay at Birdwood Estate and your Perth accomodation at Trigg Retreat, please contact us for a package price.

Trigg Retreat Luxury Bed and Breakfast


Trigg Retreat Luxury Bed and Breakfast provides Award winning, boutique style accommodation including a gourmet continental breakfast or an optional enticing hot menu, free wi-fi and free guest computer/internet facilities, off-street parking and excellent personalized service.

Trigg Beach Cottage opened in June 2013 and is located over the road from Trigg Retreat and provides self-catering and fully equipped facilities for families or business travellers, with free wi-fi and free off-street parking. This provides an alternative to the BB for guests seeking self-contained facilities in this glorious coastal area, and our favourite of Perth’s suburban beaches.

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